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**NOTE: During checkout, add a "Note to Seller" indicating your Fourier Fuse value and holder type**


In the audio world, audiophile grade fuses come in multiple flavors based on tweaking different dampening materials instead of science. Our Fourier Fuse dabbles in our Wave Pulse Generator technology to produce the quietest fuse currently available at any price.  Fourier represents our 6th generation power conditioning Fuse.


Our WPG technology is a method that we use to correct harmonic wave form and completely eliminate EMR from the component circuit – EMR is responsible for 90% of the distortion produced by a component.


I need to write to you while the impression of the Fourier fuses (4) in my amp is still fresh so I don’t get used to the sound and forget how much of a stark contrast they really are compared to the stock fuses.


Let me start by saying that I thought my system sounded amazing before the Fourier.


I burned in these fuses first on a signal generator for 72 hours straight, followed by two hours of a 4A resistive load. So it was a definite ‘before’ and ‘after’ moment and I didn’t need to wait for them to break in, while at the same time getting used to their sound and not noticing how actually amazing these fuses are.


Upon listening to the first song, I immediately made several mistakes. First, I thought that the speakers were broken and the fuses magically got blown because the background was quiet to the point of ‘something is wrong.’ Second mistake I made was thinking that I had somehow lost dynamics in the bass because everything sounded so subdued. Third mistake I made was thinking that the highs suddenly got rolled off and the entire soundstage both shrunk and moved back. It is actually LAUGHABLE how wrong my initial impressions were.


First about the black background. It is pitch black, like outer space black. Like anaerobic chamber black. When an instrument or musician begins making noise, all of a sudden it sounds like a spotlight appears directly above them from the darkness and the light of the spotlight is the color of the sun, not artificially blue or red. Each color feels both much more saturated, but also much more natural and hi definition. Like another reviewer said, they feel absolutely real. There is no other way to put it.


Second, about the dynamics. I initially thought I had lost bass. Wrong, and I’ve made this mistake before as I’ve upgraded my system. As bass gets more nuanced and layered, the initial impact factor dissipates and layers begin to form. Think going from bass rattling cars to a higher quality bass. As the number of layers of depth increase in the bass, there is an illusion that you are losing bass. Now imagine my surprise when I felt like going from 24-bit layers of bass to infinite layers of bass. Bass didn’t disappear, it completely changed its entire relationship to the music on a fundamental level. There are no more ‘highs, mids and lows’ anymore. It is one seamless garment of music and the bass wraps around everything like a warm cocoon. There are musical melodies that have been unraveled in songs that I never knew existed before. It is truly just another world at this point.


Third, the high notes. For some reason this is associated with resolution and is approached as a tradeoff. High resolution is ‘analytical’ with strident highs while low resolution is ‘musical.’ Wrong in every way and now I see (hear) that with the Fourier. There is not a single instrument now that bothers my ears. Even the song Acid by Ray Barretto is considered ‘easy listening.’ Not only that, I can hear everything. Not only can I hear everything, everything sounds real. The tone and texture just sounds 100% real. It is an absolute joke if it wasn’t so magical, but I am just dumbfounded.


I feel like my mind and ears actually are processing less information. Similar to listening to any normal sound in real life, you don’t feel like your ears and mind are being bombarded by sound because it is just natural. Now with the Fourier, I have this same ease of mind, like my mind gets tricked into accepting the sound waves touching my eardrums as coming from something real and not an artificial source.


Finally, the relationship between all elements of the audio now are cohesive. If a song should sound like it wraps around you, then it will wrap around you and take you for a ride. If it sounds like the band is spaced out from each other at a certain distance, then that is exactly what it is. Nothing tries to steal the spotlight because everything is both the spotlight and nothing is the spotlight at the same time. Its difficult to explain. Its cohesive, yet distinct and musical all at the same time. I guess the best way to say it is that it just sounds like live music but not in the sense that the musicians are playing into a microphone that is being blasted through speakers at a venue. Rather, it sounds like the musicians are just playing and the sound from their mouths and instruments is hitting my ears directly.


This is beyond a ‘component upgrade.’ This is revolutionary.” -Allen H.

Fourier Audiophile Fuse

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