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Alan Maher Designs was founded in 2007 by audio enthusiast, audio designer and engineer, Alan Maher (President and Lead Designer).  Alan Maher Designs is a professional grounding company, specializing in custom ground and A/C filtering for home audio systems, recording, mastering, and manufacturing facilities as well as custom filtering for residential homes, commercial properties and the medical community.  


For more than 25 years, Alan has done freelance work in the professional and consumer electronic industry.  His background is in electrical design, acoustic and studio recording, mastering and live sound engineering.  This experience has helped him develop new and innovative technologies to be used in the studio and the home.  Alan is known as one of the leading experts in the audio industry for electrical quantum mechanics, electrical magnetic interaction, and ground filtering.


Our basic philosophy at Alan Maher Designs is we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” power conditioning solution.  Noise comes in multiple different types and forms.  Our product line was developed to isolate, absorb and remove a wide range of harmonic frequencies from the electrical phase.  We have developed a series of products that treat the entire building/home as one entity instead of just filtering the last six feet of wire.  The primary focus of Alan Maher Designs is ground enhancement and active-cell noise filtering.  We have developed multiple types of Smart-Grid technology active-cell ground plane filters to be used as ground replacements, parallel noise filters and isolation power conditioners.  All of our products are designed to provide active power factor correction for the individual circuit and electronic component without drawing energy from the wall/circuit.  Our research on Smart-Grid technology began as far back as 1998 and continues to be a cornerstone of our product development. 


Alan Maher Designs produces next generation products using only the finest quality of materials and advanced technologies.  Our entire product line was developed using the principles of Quantum mechanics and electromagnetic isolation/interaction theory; all our products are designed for the next generation of Smart-Grid technology.  We strive for the purest form of electrical reproduction, hence our motto, “Quantum=Pure Tone”.

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