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Introducing the NEW Ambiance Air SP1 Speaker Cable, the ultimate upgrade for high-end audio systems. This maximum bang for the buck design easily rivals many $5k+ audiophile speaker cables sold today, providing uncompromising sound quality and performance.


Each cable is hand rolled to minimize dielectric discharge and features exclusive Ambiance Re-Clocking Circuit for harmonic correction, ensuring a pure and true audio signal. The 7AWG 7N Copper Conductors deliver exceptional conductivity and clarity, while the gold plated copper spade or banana connectors ensure a secure and reliable connection.


Elevate your listening experience with the Ambiance Air SP1 Speaker Cable and immerse yourself in the truest, most lifelike sound possible.

Ambiance SP1 Speaker Cable

  • "I had no idea what I was in for with the new speaker cables from AM Designs, the Ambiance SP1. I really didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time hearing a pair of Alan’s speaker cables. I listened to them on practically the same system as the AM Designs Ambiance XLR cable demo I did: a high end system consisting of the Grimm MU1 as source, Grimm UC1 DAC, and Kora TB200 Hybrid Amplifier into a pair of Dynamikks Model 12 speakers and a pair of TAKET Live Super tweeters on top. The first track on the menu was the track “Short Cuts” by Drumming Grupo de Percussao off their Archipelago album. This is a well recorded percussive song that will show you the dynamic capability of a system or the lack thereof. The instrument that sounded like a giant xylophone seemed to emanate out of thin air across from panned hard left to hard right yet not directly from the speakers. Deeper into the track the sound is just flying around the room effortlessly with the bass notes precisely played with authority. A bassy growl and sparkling top end with a large mid-range filled the room. This was very impressive to say the least. The next track used was Melody Gardot’s March for Mingus (Live). Melody’s voice emanated just to the right of center and sounded well…live. Transparent and crispy clear vocals followed by a bass solo that was accurate to live acoustic bass. The strings were plucked with speed and detail and the Ambiance Air SP1’s just spit them out without sounding harsh and simultaneously the bass punched with speed and depth. By the time the horns kicked in it sounded very close to live horns at a concert, energy and bass jamming as the piano grooved along. I don’t think I’ve ever called a pair of speaker cables powerful but I am now! This is some of the most transparent dynamic sound I’ve ever heard and it really ends up being an experience instead of just listening to a stereo system. These speaker cables compete well above their price point and I don’t know that I’ve heard another speaker cables sound like the speed of silver but have the tonality of copper and slight warmth of gold. I would highly recommend using the Ambiance Air SP1 speaker cables with the rest of the Ambiance Air line from AM Designs: Power, USB, ethernet, and XLR cables. Combine this with the Evo One Plug In at the system outlet; this will give you powerful, dynamic, and transparent sound while keeping pace, rhythm & timing in check. These speaker cables really surprised me with what they can do!" -David R.

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