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The Ambiance Ethernet Cable produces an analog experience that must be heard to be believed.   


“The Ambiance Ethernet cable is just really something else. I’ve heard several of the megabuck ethernet cables from the big names in the audiophile world. This cable is different though in that it sounds musical. Solid bass, top end extension without being harsh, and midrange with a warmish bloom. It’s hard to imagine a “digital” cable like ethernet as having PRaT - Pace Rhythm and Timing, but this sure has it going on. Reminds me of analog in it’s signature overall which you just don’t hear in cables these days or you find just the right one that costs the same amount as a car! It reminded me again of listening to the earlier days of AM Designs where it was really an experience; before being jaded by the world of high end audiophilia and listening to so many different pieces of gear and systems costing upwards of $500K and at the end of it all thinking, is this what it takes cost wise to make modest improvements? Alan provides us listeners a level of enjoyment that to be honest I haven’t heard with many of those uber expensive setups and he does so at a mere fraction of the audiophile asking price. It’s just crazy when I think about it. This cable put a smile on my face. I found myself in a musical trance just listening on for the evening not paying attention to the time. The harmonic texture this cable reveals in the sound is rare in the digital world, hypnotic. Combined with the Ambiance power cable on source / DAC this is what I want to hear when I listen to music, music!” -David Robbins


Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

26ga 7N OCC Copper

40Gbps 2000Mhz SFTP RJ45

Flat Cable Geometry

Quad Shielded


1.5GHz – 100GHz Quartz Re-clocking RF/EMI Filter


“Alan- Just wanted to say the Ambiance Ethernet cable is Fantastic! First thing I noticed is the floor noise dropped! The music sounds way more organic and natural. The separation of instruments and placement has improved substantially. Thank you again for the products you create.. looking forward to purchasing more Ambience products” -Dion Chavez

Ambiance Air Ethernet Cable

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