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Geometry Type: Flat

Cable: USB 2.0 / Transfer Speed: 480Mbps

Conductor: OCC 7N Copper

Conductor Size: 21AWG (power) / 25AWG (signal)

Dual Shielding: Aluminum Shielded Pair / 5N Copper Braid

Connector: Gold Plated Copper Pins  / Glass Fiber Housing w/ Aluminum Shielding


Connector Type: A to B


Clock Circuit: Quartz/Graphene Passive Re-Clocking Circuit


Break-In: We recommend a 8-10 day break in to allow the USB cable and USB circuit (CD/Blu-Ray/Computer Output - DAC Input) to condition.  USB circuits, for whatever reason, require extra time to adjust to cable swaps compared to other types of digital circuit..

Ambiance Air USB Cable

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