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Geometry Type: Flat

Cable: USB 2.0 / Transfer Speed: 480Mbps

Conductor: OCC 7N Copper

Conductor Size: 21AWG (power) / 25AWG (signal)

Dual Shielding: Aluminum Shielded Pair / 5N Copper Braid

Connector: Gold Plated Copper Pins  / Glass Fiber Housing w/ Aluminum Shielding


Connector Type: A to B


Clock Circuit: Quartz/Graphene Passive Re-Clocking Circuit


Break-In: We recommend a 8-10 day break in to allow the USB cable and USB circuit (CD/Blu-Ray/Computer Output - DAC Input) to condition.  USB circuits, for whatever reason, require extra time to adjust to cable swaps compared to other types of digital circuit..

Ambiance Air USB Cable

  • The Ambiance Air is one of the best USB cables I've ever heard in the last 10+ years. Compared to the other $1000+ USB cables I've listened to this easily surpasses those by taking a layer of noise off of the entire audio spectrum and enhancing imaging by creating a more clearly defined placement of instruments & voices and yet not fatiguing. I gain volume without turning up the volume, a classic Alan Maher Designs perk and definitive sign noise has been removed for a blacker background. Listening to the Ambiance Air, there are sounds I don't notice nearly as much or just can't hear with other USB cables. When I switch to the Ambiance Air there are surprising sounds in the background that become audible. These are tracks I've heard many times before yet experience a different take because there's a seemingly new instrument playing that shapes the song in a different way. This cable does need at least 7+ days to really develop but still you can immediately hear what the cable is capable of at first plug in. Music sounds more "live" in punch and energy without being fatiguing. I haven't heard imaging like this on another USB cable. The separation of instruments and voices is next level. The cable really shines at 10+ days of playback. "Air" is the perfect name for this cable because I've got one word, resolution. This is truly a high-res cable. It has a live-sound signature overall. Listening to Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield's 'Alberts Shuffle' on the Super Session album jams with the bluesy guitar licks, groovy organ, and realistic sounding drums. Everything is separated out in its own place with great clarity but still having the pace, rhythm, and timing of the groove. There's punchy warm bass, harmonic bloom in the mid-range, and 2nd order harmonics on the top end. The combination of the Evo One and Ambiance Air USB cable has me enjoying the remasters of albums I prefer to listen to in their original form. Now that is saying alot!  - David R.

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