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Introducing the Ambiance Air IC XLR / RCA, the ultimate choice for high-end audio enthusiasts.


Made with 18ga 7N Copper, this cable delivers unparalleled sound quality. Its flat geometry design and dual shielding ensure minimal interference and maximum clarity.


The super flexible construction allows for easy installation and maneuverability, while the 110 ohms (XLR) / 50 ohms (RCA) impedance guarantees optimal signal transmission.


Elevate your audio experience with the Ambiance Air IC and discover unbelievable sound quality like never before.

Ambiance Air IC XLR/RCA

  • "The Ambiance Air XLR cables were demoed in a high-end $60K+ system recently that any audiophile would love to have. This set of interconnects has a phrase that immediately comes to mind: “balanced energy”. This cable is very well balanced and given it is a balanced cable we can easily use a pun! But seriously this is a powerful sounding cable from top to bottom. The bass was punchy and clean, the midrange smooth & rich, and the top end realistic and harmonically accurate to real life instruments such as cymbals without being etched or overly bright. This cable is dynamic and throws a three dimensional soundstage that makes you think your 2-channel system is doing surround sound. Put on recordings that pan phase hard left and hard right and it is definitely an experience.  I compared it to a set of megabuck XLR cables that would be considered “audio jewelry” and the Ambiance Air XLR gave me more of what I wanted all around. It just sounded more like real music. Diana Krall sounded like she was standing in the room and I had front row seat; or like sitting at a mixing board in a studio listening to the mic feed. Wild! Tiger Okoshi was mesmerizing and Jeff Beck was crunching away. Spyro Gyra made me raise the volume to levels much louder than I would ever listen to but it was so clean and dynamic I didn’t care. Sound was just flying around the room. One of those moments in sound I will always remember. This was one of the most three dimensional sounding systems I have ever heard even compared to $500K systems thanks to the Ambiance Air XLR’s. These cables should be priced at 5X or more of what they are selling at! 


    Demo System: 

    The equipment closet running a commercial grade network switch is fed power by a voltage regulated circuit at 120V with an outlet using an Alan Maher Designs Tri-Cell Outlet Pad. A TDT QPI is also plugged into that circuit. CAT7 is used from the switch to the router in the listening room. The incoming mains power is treated with an AM Designs EMI Power Wrap. The electrical panel is treated with an AM Designs TDT Panel Kit. The listening room has an AM Designs Quad-Cell Outlet Cover at the system outlet fed by megabuck power cables and a power distributor. The source is a Grimm MU2 streamer/DAC combo (Rave Reviews lately) hooked via ethernet with an Alexander Bladelius Tech REN CAT 8.1 Ethernet cable (AB-TECH) > Alan Maher Designs Ambiance Air XLR cables > Kora TB200 Amp > Dynamikks Monitor 12 Speaker with TAKET Live Super tweeters (20KHz-100Khz). Speaker cable is custom made copper / silver." -David R.

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