TriCell Platform

The TriCell Active Cell Platform is known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of our product line. Our active cell technology is rather unique in that it is an active cell ground plane and has the ability to filter RFI and EMI from the internal circuit of the component without a direct connection. The TriCell Platform addresses cross-talk harmonics within the component, internal stray electromagnetic energy, power factor correction, and horizontal and vertical vibrational harmonic distortions. Unlike traditional component foot and stand isolation methods, our active cell technology removes all vibrational modulated frequency harmonics down to dc.


The surface area of the Platform has no physical ringing frequency above 30Hz when used out of the box. After the internal cell is charged by plugging it in to the nearest A/C duplex outlet, the Platform cell will couple to the component's electromagnetic signature and remove all ringing distortion down to dc. This eliminates all internal reflection RF (vibrational) and EMI from within the component and all connected components leading back to the wall outlet.


The TriCell Platform was specifically designed to be used with solid state and tube electronics. Everything from digital components to amplifiers to video components will all be significantly improved in their performance.





Cell Filter Frequency Bandwidth: dc-10GHz

Noise Reduction: -65db evenly across the full bandwidth of the cell


Size: 12” x 18” x 1.25”





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