Quantum Plug-In

"a.k.a. the QPI"

The Quantum Plug-In is a conductive based RFI/EMI parallel filter design. The QPI is offered in four (4) different tonal "flavors" (Cu, Ag, Au, Pt) that are very similar to the sound quality of a “mega-buck” Audiophile power conditioner.


Our philosophy is we don't just treat the last 6 to 12 feet of your A/V circuit at one centralized location. If you went around your home and counted the many electrical outlets and light switches that are installed, you would have an equal amount of potential noise sources. RF enters the electrical phase through open outlet receptacles, oxidized wiring and contact surfaces, and voltage instability. A typical home has about 150 to 200 potential noise sources, all ringing at the same time throughout the electrical phase. It is virtually impossible to address even 10% of the combined noise at a single centralized filtering location (not to mention the other 90% of potential noise problems). The most effective way to apply filtering in a home should be over distance; it is simpler to suppress noise at various locations around the home instead of trying to focus at one centralized location. Our methodology is to treat the home as one gigantic power conditioner and allow the entire home to reap the benefit of corrected power factor and harmonic filtering.


The QPI is one of our oldest and most reliable filter designs, developed in the late 1990’s as a simple parallel filter. As digital audio and video components evolved over the years, we expanded our research and development to meet the needs of higher resolution A/V reproduction.


As part of our Smart Grid technology product development, the QPI series is designed to draw zero wattage from the wall.





Our QPI Cu is designed for basic universal filtering. The QPI Cu is an excellent model to be used with large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, countertop microwave ovens, and computers. The QPI Cu provides portable power factor correction (PFC) and bi-directional noise filtering. You will notice the PFC benefit 3 to 4 days after the install, mainly because the inside of the refrigerator will be colder. This will prompt you to raise the internal temperature of the fridge in order to maintain the desired temperature, a small PFC byproduct that is a cost savings on your monthly electric bill.



Filter Bandwidth: dc-750MHz

Noise Reduction: -65db evenly across the frequency bandwidth





Our QPI Ag is specifically designed to bi-directionally filter emf from flat panel video displays/monitors. Plug the QPI Ag into the same duplex outlet as the video display/monitor. The PFC benefits will be increased contrast and black level, improved color saturation, and a more 3-dimensional video picture.


Filter Bandwidth: dc-10GHz

Noise Reduction: -75db evenly across the frequency bandwidth





Our QPI Au is specifically designed to filter solid state audio components and provide a "tube-like" organic sound quality. The QPI Au removes the upper mid glare and fleshes out the harmonic tonal structure of 20Hz-20KHz without rolling-off frequency extremes. It provides an effortless and endless top end extension that is unattainable using any other type of filtering method (that we are currently aware of).


Filter Bandwidth: dc-40Ghz

Noise Reduction: -85db evenly across the filtering bandwidth





Our QPI Pt is our latest QPI design.  Unlike tradational platinum designs, the QPI Pt has a warmer and more robust sound quality with a delicate reproduction of harmonic structure.  The QPI Pt is superb with solid state and tube digital components.  The QPI Pt  digs deep into the recording and extracts every last bit of detail without sounding dry and etched.  In addition, the QPI Pt offers a wet musical presentation with superb stage reproduction, musical layering and depth.


Filter bandwidth: dc-65GHz

Noise Reduction: -90db evenly across the filtering bandwidth





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