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About 10 years ago I got sick and tired of arguing on consulting projects, and I developed the first portable plug-n-play Technical Ground with an impedance of .01 ohms of resistance.  It became a popular item for the studio but not so popular for the residential homeowner.  Over the years I spent countless hours trying to educate the homeowner on the importance of proper grounding and star grounding methods in a switch mode world.  Needless to say with the average person this stuff goes over their head, but the one guy that did get it took us into a different world because he understood the possibilities the technology could offer to families in need.  So over the last 6 years we have designed and redesigned the Tech Ground because it’s truly an incredible product – I’ve designed them as a plug and play device for the bedroom, for the stereo, high frequency grounding for trade shows, and now the crown jewel of my designing skills.


Our Isolation Planar Technical Ground (ISO-TG) has a grounding surface area of .0001 ohms of resistance.  The unit is expandable to split the impedance in half by increasing grounding surface area – the design has infinite dB noise floor potential.  The Planar design is a self-filtering unit; our planar tech incorporates a QUAD stage filter to infinitely maintain absolute zero noise from 0Hz up to and beyond 200 GHz – there is no competing product available in the world.


The ISO Planar Technical Ground Specification:


Ground Surface Area Ohm Resistance: .0001


QUAD stage Ground Filter: 0Hz to 200 GHz @ -150dB below 0dB minimum


DUAL stage AC Line Filter: 0Hz to 100 KHz @ -55dB below 0dB / 100 KHz to 1 MHz @ -75dB / 1 MHz to 100 M@ -65db Hz @ -100dB / 100 MHz to 1 GHz @ -135dB / 1GHz to 50 GHz @ -115dB / 50 GHz to 100 GHz @ -97dB / 100 GHz to 200 GHz


Available Ground Cable Option: US/EU/UK Power Plug, RCA, XLR, Spade, Banana, USB, and Alligator Clip.


The ISO Planar Technical Ground is plug and play friendly - provides a plug-and-play method to add an internal grounding-methodology to the home up to 2000 sq. ft.. Technical grounding is used to remove physical ground noise from the circuit that is usually associated with ground loops or strong ionized electrical fields. A single Technical Ground is not an all-in-one ground loop or total home solution, but it can reduce hum and noise by as much as 65% to 70% of its max amplitude.

Unlike all other types of grounding products, our Technical Ground units are 100% safe for the environment and use all natural materials and minerals to simulate a true ground/soil conductive interaction.


Recommended for use with all electronics and electrical circuits. 


Compatible with all AM Designs products.


Build time approx. 8-10 days

Isolation Planar Technical Ground