The Quantum Plug-In focuses on Thermal Dynamic Filtering (TDF) at the Quantum level – TDF reduces shot noise, localized RF/EMI, and circuit crosstalk high frequency distortion via the ground.


Plug and Play design.


What you can expect…


Plug the filter in anywhere within the home and give it 15 minutes to kick in – improved inductive PFC – which translates into increased bass response and frequency extension, improved image texture and top end extension.


Break-in: 72-80 hours for a full break-in. The filter is 100% energy efficient – it draws zero electricity from the wall. All inductive correction is done within a localized quantum pulse field.


How to use: Install the Quantum Plug-In as a local filter – pick a component outlet and plug it in. You can install up to 3 filters per circuit.  Non-audio related circuits/parallel phase circuits will provide enormous gains in resolution and frequency extension by reducing parallel circuit noise by as much as 85dB.

Quantum Plug-In