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The Maxwell QPI is actually multiple filters built into one design that covers 5 different frequency bands.  Unlike similar designs on the market, our Maxwell QPI is the only filter to use 7N Silver vibrational and RF suppression coils.


Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the design:


1 – Optimize circuit inductance and capacitance by eliminating vibrational magnetic distortion at the outlet.  The other designs on the market use very small suppression coils which actually produce their own harmonized ringing distortion over the circuits even harmonic fundamental – these coils are generally 22ga enameled and/or 20ga plated springs instead of inductive coils.  We use 16ga 7N solid silver inductive coils – our coils are manufactured in house.


2 – Grounded RF/EMR absorption within 10 feet of the installation site.  We created a tri-field RF/EMR antenna to attract all forms of electronic and wireless noise, including 5G narrowband MHz radiation – the antenna absorbs and eliminates noise within an induced conductive field generated inside the filter case.


3 – Ground RF/EMI filtering via impedance correction. 


4 – RF/EMR filtering via 7N OCC secondary ground plane.


5 – EMR reduction by conversion to negative ions – the negative ions are used to reduce the nearby static field – the reduction of the static field over time creates a flywheel effect within the installed location to cancel out EMR at the source.  Negative ions convert thermal energy discharge to far infrared.


The Maxwell QPI is not a device that requires weeks to figure out if you like it or not – you will experience the benefits within minutes.  Within hours the benefit will expand throughout the system and listening room.  Within weeks the benefit will expand throughout the home.  You don’t need to have 50 Maxwell QPIs installed to reap the benefit – 2 per system and maybe 4 per home should do the trick.

Maxwell Quantum Plug-In

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