AM Designs has been designing products for the audiophile and the pro audio industry for more than 25 years. Over the years, we have developed several Quantum based technologies to reduce measurable RF/EM throughout the electrical circuit, within the component and the physical listening environment.



With our Harmony project, we wanted to create something different to specifically target electrical noise and wireless jitter-based distortions. With Harmony, we’ve created a very simple filter network to address noise within the audio/video system and throughout the home.



Harmony Two is designed to be a no-holds-barred Audiophile portable power conditioner. It combines our five-node filter circuit with our Folded Active Cell Ground PlaneHarmony Two is designed to be used as a mid-grade to high-end RF/EMI/EMR high-end audio/video filter. Developed for the audiophile community, we knew it had to out-perform all other RF/EMI/EMR filters within its price range. Saying it and proving it are two different things – we’re the same as you, we believe in real world results.



Harmony Two includes our Exclusive 6N copper shielded five-node circuit technology which targets six (6) different RFI/EMI analog and digital harmonic frequency bands. Frequency node reduction is about reducing harmonic frequency by increasing the circuit power factor. Typical filters reduce 40% harmonic frequency (-40dB) with 20%-25% increase in overall power factor. Let’s be honest – no one is ever impressed with industry standards when it comes to noise reductions specs.



Our Active Cell Ground Plane technology has been used within several of our product lines over the years. With Harmony Two, we include our 6N copper Folded Active Cell Ground Plane which absorbs RF/EMR in a three-dimensional plane. Usually ground filters are single sided; our Folded Active Cell Ground Plane has 4 sides – and each side has a dedicated frequency range. This enables the ground plane to absorb localized environmental RF/EMR for up to 3 meters.




Capacitor Type: Copper foil AC Pulse 1% tolerance

Power Factor Correction: Greater than 95%

RF/EMI Noise Reduction: Greater than 95%

5N Silver Point-to-Point Wiring



Harmony Two is designed to be used first in series within our Harmony audiophile product line. Harmony Two will also compliment many popular audiophile power conditioners.

Harmony Two

  • DO NOT touch metal prongs immediately after removal from wall outlet.  Unit may hold a residual charge resulting in a mild shock.

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