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At Alan Maher Designs our goal is to produce a memorable experience based on proven science.  Our Harmony Digital S/PDIF Cable takes audiophile cutting edge to the next level at an affordable price.  With Harmony Digital we wanted to design a true high-resolution cable without the digital hash distortion generally associated with high resolution digital. 



Harmony Digital has a smooth mid to high frequency balance without sounding over-hyped in order to extract detail.  The bass reproduction is tuneful, deep to extract and extend low level resolution and tight to maintain timing and precision.  Harmony Digital will give your system all the ambience and organic acoustical texture of a $3000 digital cable without the added distortion for 1/10 the price.





Connector: Rhodium Plated Copper 75 Ohm RCA


Conductor: 16ga. 5N Silver Plated 6N Copper Conductor


Insulator: Gas Injected Foam Polypropylene


Shield: Foil / Silver Plated Copper Braid / Foil Shorting 100% Coverage


Cable Bandwidth: 12GHz  

Harmony Digital S/PDIF Cable


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