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Our Faraday Ground produces a low ELF wave to help create a Faraday shielded cage for your audio/video/computer/power equipment. By placing the Faraday Ground on top of your power conditioner, for example, centered over the transformer/choke/surge protection circuit, the Faraday Ground will condition the circuit below by adding a low ELF harmonic (15Hz) to the circuit.  The ELF wave will provide/enhanced Faraday shielding for all low frequency components (transformers and chokes) within the circuit.  At the same time, the Faraday Ground will establish Earth throughout the component chassis to help neutralize RF/EMI.  All connected power cabling, up to several feet of cable, will experience enhanced grounding/shielded benefits.


There are many ways to use the Faraday Ground, besides a power conditioner, you can place and center the Faraday Ground on top of a power strip or power cable entering the power strip.  The benefits are like the what you will experience with a large power conditioner.  Placed over the in-wall circuit cabling at the wall duplex outlet will produce similar and enhanced benefits.  Improved bass, midrange warmth, detail, sweet and extended highs.  Enlarged sound staging with increased height, depth, and width.


Placed over the CD/Blu-Ray/DAC/Preamp/Amp/Network Streamer, Network Switch, Router, Computer and/or Server power supply will magnify the systems grounded RF/EMI reduction – each will experience a similar tonal benefit.


Once you dial in a systems performance with a Faraday Ground you will never look back.  If you decide to install multiple units in your system that may require a power strip for all the Faraday Ground power supply units, we recommend a WireWorld Matrix II power strip with our Signature Series Digital Power Cable.  WireWorld makes one of the nicer audiophile outlet strips with an IEC power inlet for a respectable price.  Combined with our Signature Series Digital Power Cable you will have the perfect combination to enhance the performance even further – Our Signature Series Digital Power Cable was voiced to filter and enhance multiple ELF harmonic frequencies (7.5Hz, 15Hz, 30Hz, 45Hz, and 60Hz).


We recommend 60 hours to allow the ELF field to stabilize within the circuit.  Within that time, your body will also adapt to the low ELF wave.  ELF waves are known to produce a calming effect within the room once the field has been stabilized, this will help the user to become more relaxed when listening to his/her favorite music, watching their favorite movie, or just looking to calm down after a long week at work.


Other uses for the Faraday Ground would be your office desk to help lower the effect of wireless signals, the bedroom to calm the mind at sleep, during workout to relax muscles to increase workout times, during meditation/yoga to help focus the mind, reduce harmful side effects of WIFI and wireless audio/video streaming, wireless game consoles, etc. throughout the home.    

Faraday Ground

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