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The new Faraday Cable Filter is a one of its kind in the audio business.  The Faraday Cable Filter is a custom choke designed to create an extended low-pass filter across multiple frequency bands.  Most EMI chokes designed for electrical generally work within 50Hz/60Hz up to around 100KHz – noise suppression past 100KHz is ignorantly reduced.  In days of old that type of noise filtering limitations was fine, but nowadays we live in a digital world – even if your system is all analog we still live in a digital world with digital noise/hash riding along our electrical circuits.  Power supplies are not really designed to filter noise below 50Hz/60Hz or above 100KHz, so they need all the help we can provide.  In the world of audio electrical the phrase “low-pass, low-pass, low-pass” means everything, especially in our modern age of wireless technology.


The Faraday Cable Filter consists of a 4-part design to ground, induce, suppress, and ionize.  All 4-parts are essential if you want to eliminate the noise that you are attempting to reduce.


Below 1MHz the Faraday Cable Filter can reduce RF/EMI starting at 50Hz/60Hz between -40dB to -80dB.  From 1MHz up to 25GHz it is a solid -85dB.  Above 25GHz the suppression rate begins to roll off.  The importance of these specifications has to do with circuitry operational frequencies of CPU’s, memory buss frequencies, etc. within your network streamer, media server, SACD player, Blu-ray Player, etc.  But with that said, the rate of reduction is also important in reducing noise feed to your turntable, Phono preamp, Preamplifier, Amplifier, and the Power Conditioner.


I normally like to recommend this type of filter for in-wall Romex cable – if you have the availability of accessing the in-wall wiring where it leaves the breaker panel, that would be a good place to clamp on the Cable Filter.  Not everyone has the availability to do that, so if you are a DIY type of person you might want to try a Cable Filter clamped over the in-wall wiring behind the audio system or video system outlet.  Each location along the length of Romex does something different, at the panel end the Cable Filter helps to reduce cross-talk distortion between connected circuits (all circuits are bonded together via the neutral and ground buss inside the panel).  At the outlet end, the Cable Filter acts as a low-pass filter/pre-power conditioner for the system.


If DIY is not the way you want to go, then I would recommend installed the Cable Filter on the main power cable at the AC Male End – push the Cable Filter up against the AC Male Plug.


How long will it take before you notice an audible or visual change?  Between 10-15 minutes you will start to notice the sound quality warm up with less upper midrange glare – video will take on more 2D/3D depth, color saturation will improve, and digital noise will be less noticeable.  Over the next 72-80 hours the new Faraday Cable Filter noise reduction will blossom to provide you with many years of enjoyment.  My recommendation is to start out with 2-4 Faraday Cable Filters for your system.  You will be surprised how much crosstalk noise will be eliminated by treating each power cord.


Some common in-home/office installations include: computers, lamps, TV’s, electronics, refrigerator, washer/dryer, air handler, cell phone charger, smoke detector, etc.


In the car try placing a Cable Filter on each battery cable at the battery connector end.


Size: ID: Up to ½” cable diameter.

Faraday Cable Filter

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