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Our new “Audio Grade” QPI is the first of its kind to use active grounding as a primary filter.  We have worked on active grounding designs for more than two decades.  Active grounding is basically an inductive field that is applied across the load to produce localized power factor correction – applied inductive loads help to lower circuit resistance – most audible in the bass and lower midrange region.


Even though, the “Audio Grade” QPI is considered an entry-level product in our product line, it does not perform like an entry-level product.  The “Audio Grade” QPI is multiple filters built into one design that covers 4 different frequency bands. Unlike similar designs on the market, our “Audio Grade” QPI is the only filter to use 5N copper vibrational and RF suppression coils.


Let us get into the nitty-gritty of the design:


1 – Optimize circuit inductance and capacitance by eliminating vibrational magnetic distortion at the outlet. The other designs on the market use very small suppression coils which produce their own harmonized ringing distortion over the circuits even harmonic fundamental – these coils are generally 22ga enameled and/or 20ga plated springs instead of inductive coils. We use 18ga 5N solid copper inductive coils – our coils are manufactured in house.


2 – Grounded RF/EMR absorption within 10 feet of the installation site. We created a tri-field RF/EMR antenna to attract all forms of electronic and wireless noise, including 5G narrowband MHz radiation – the antenna absorbs and eliminates noise within an induced conductive field generated inside the filter case.


3 – Ground RF/EMI filtering via applied inductive loads and impedance correction.


4 – RF/EMR filtering via 7N OCC secondary ground plane.


The “Audio Grade” QPI is not a device that requires weeks or months to figure out if you like it or not – you will experience the benefits within minutes. Within hours the benefit will expand throughout the system and listening room. Within weeks the benefit will expand throughout the home. You do not need to have 50 “Audio Grade” QPIs installed to reap the benefit – 2 per system and maybe 4 per home should do the trick.


After installation your musical experience will be presented with several layers of RF/EMI grim and grit removed leaving you with the sound quality of an audiophile grade remastered music collection.


Active grounding takes about 15-20 minutes to stabilize on the circuit to where it is audible within the mid to upper bass region.  Over the next 2-3 days you will experience more stage depth and width.  The top end will become more extended.  The overall musical presentation will sharpen to provide greater clarity and inner detail without excessive brightness.  


We designed the new QPI line to work with each other – each model brings something different to the table and provides a musical and visual experience that is hard to match at these price points.  When you take into consideration active grounding begins filtering RF/EMI at 1MHz @ -85dB within the first 15 minutes, and then extends outward over the next 2-3 days to end up starting to slope and shape harmonics just below middle-C is astonishing – very few audio products within today’s market can accomplish the same task priced at 4x-5x our “Audio Grade” QPI.     

"Audio Grade" QPI

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