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HDMI 2.1 spec.

Max Resolution Up To 7680x4320

8K video @ 120Hz

4K video @ 240Hz

48 Gbps

7N OCC Silver Conductors


1.5GHz - 100GHz Re-clocking RF/EMI Filter


“The Ambience HDMI cable is really impressive! I did the comparison with a standard copper cable by using 1080p images and scenic video footage I’m familiar with. The first thing I noticed with the Ambience HDMI is the brightness and contrast looked enhanced as in both were increased without changing any settings. For the videophiles the color temperature looks closer to 6000K. Blacks were darker and sharpness was also higher again without adjusting any settings. One thing that I’ve always noticed and enjoyed with AM Designs products is the image depth improvement. It’s something you never know you’re missing until you see it once noise becomes reduced in the electrical system. Once you’ve seen this effect it becomes hard to go back to that “flat” appearance. I then watched some 2K footage which was eerily detailed so I thought it was 4K and had to laugh when I saw it was a lesser resolution. 4K looked surprisingly better than usual and I got caught up in the aerial footage shot over Japan as it drifted around. Now this is where the Ambience cable really shines, 8K. The quality of the video was in one word, phenomenal. It is an experience to have. If you haven’t seen 8K HDR with the Ambience HDMI cable as a videophile or audiophile you are missing out!” -David Robbins

Ambiance HDMI Cable

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