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At Alan Maher Designs, we challenge ourselves to create the best product for the industry.  In many cases we bring technology to the forefront years before our competitors.  In-house we use acronyms like TDT, PLT, CEF, PVT, and IFD because at Alan Maher Designs we create technology! 



TDT: TriCell Deionization Technology

PLT: Power Lens Technology

CEF: Conductive Energy Field

IFD: Ionic Field Disruption

PVT: Portable Virus-Free



Our Ambiance Audiophile Fuse is a combination of our Power Lens, Conductive Energy Field and Ionic Field Disruption technologies bundled together to create the first ultra high-end power conditioning fuse that is comparable to $5000+ all-in-one power conditioners.



CEF Radio Frequency / Electromagnetic Interference Suppression:


>10Hz-100KHz: 87dB to 100dB

>100KHz to 1MHz: 100dB to 100dB

>1MHz to 2GHz: 100dB to 100dB

>2GHz to 10GHz: 100dB to 100dB

>10GHz to 18GHz: 100dB to 95dB



In the critical analog band frequencies, our proprietary method of noise filtering provides a solid 100dB of noise reduction at 2KHz (midrange for a piccolo) and similar values throughout not only the entire audible range but also for harmonics and high frequencies, thus allowing your gear to perform at its best.  In comparison, the typical Audiophile power conditioner provides less than 10db of noise suppression at the same frequency range.



Our Ambiance Fuse is consider the workhorse of our product line.  Each CEF coating and ionic technology emphases different parts of the frequency spectrum to produce a true to life experience that excels in low level resolution, produces a fully developed midrange, and highs that extend to the heavens without a hint of harmonic distortion.



Out-of-the-box our Ambiance Fuse will require close to 250 hours for a complete break-in.  When CEF is applied to a circuit, all parts throughout the internal circuity will be conditioned to our noise specifications.  No other product that we are aware of can deliver this level of power conditioning.



How do fuses alter the sound of your system?



Standard fuses are very simple designs consisting of a pair of endcaps and a wire soldered in between.  Alan Maher Designs turns the standard fuse into a true, non-limiting power conditioner.  Our Fuse alters the sound of your component by using a combination of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and Ionization.  Our design attaches a negative ionic charge to the positive ionic energy field passing through the Fuse.  By regulating the temperature of the ionic field, we are able to produce a one-for-one ionic cancellation.  In electrical design, harmonics, radio frequency, and static noise are all combinations of a positive ionization field associated with electromagnetic radiation.  By cancelling the field, we can significantly lower EMR’s effect on the internal circuitry of your component.  

Ambiance Audiophile Fuse


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