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noun, plural am·bi·anc·es [am-bee-uhn-siz; French ahN-byahNs].


1. the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment or milieu: The restaurant had a delightful ambiance.

2. that which surrounds or encompasses; environment.



At Alan Maher Designs, we challenge ourselves to create the best product for the industry. In many cases we bring technology to the forefront years before our competitors. In-house we use acronyms like TDT, PLT, CEF, IFD, PVT and IRC because at Alan Maher Designs we create technology!


TDT: TriCell Deionization Technology

PLT: Power Lens Technology

CEF: Conductive Energy Field

IFD: Ionic Field Disruption

PVT: Portable Virus-Free

IRC: Infrared RF/EMI Cancellation



Our Ambiance Air Audiophile Power Cable is a combination of our Power Lens, Conductive Energy Field, Ionic Field Disruption, and Infrared RF/EMI Cancellation technologies bundled together to create the first ultra high-end power conditioning power cable that is comparable to $25,000 all-in-one power conditioners.



Four (4) stages of Exclusive! AM Designs passive RF/EMI filtration built into a truly unique and exquisite Cable design – perfect for the serious audiophile at an affordable price!



CEF Radio Frequency / Electromagnetic Interference Suppression:


>1Hz-60Hz: 85dB to 100dB

>60Hz-100KHz: 100dB to 100dB

>100KHz-1MHz: 100dB to 100dB

>1MHz-2GHz: 100dB to 100dB

>2GHz-10GHz: 100dB to 100dB

>10GHz-35GHz: 100dB to 95dB

>35GHz-100GHz:  95dB to 60dB



“The new cord is fantastic!! It reminds me of hearing AM Designs for the first time. Great bass with warmth in the midrange but a really nice extended top end and plenty of second harmonic bloom. It’s the kind of sound audiophiles are looking for but don’t ever find. Pure musicality. I think it’s one of the best power cords you’ve ever done! The sound just draws you in. It’s hypnotic and you don’t want to stop listening.” ~ David Robbins

Ambiance Air Audiophile Power Cable

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