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The Active Cell PLANAR Ag EMI Wrap is the world’s first active planar noise filtering pad for the incoming electrical service.  Specifically designed for audio, power factor correction and high frequency 5G EMF mitigation.


The concept of the Active Cell PLANAR Ag EMI Wrap was developed over a two-year period.  During that timeframe we developed multiple types of conductive materials and liquids to enhance our concept of a Conductive Energy Field. In the Wrap design we used a combination of our Nano-Particle Graphene and 7N Silver CEF coatings in combination with a conductive .0005ohm resistance grounding surface - the combination of the two coatings create the world’s first noise suppressing / ionic cancellation passive total home power conditioner.


Install:  On the incoming electrical conduit for the power company meter outside; or the conduit entering the electrical panel inside your home.  Install copper side to conduit.  Tightly wrap the conduit into a cuff shape – overlapping layers.  Insulate with supplied rubberized tape.


The Active Cell PLANAR Ag EMI Wrap grounds directly to the electrical magnetic field running through the cuff – no additional grounding wire is necessary.


ELF/Magnetic Suppression:

>10Hz-1MHz: 50-55dB


Radio Frequency / Electromagnetic Interference Suppression:

>10Hz-100KHz: 87dB to 98dB

>100KHz to 1MHz: 98dB to 87dB

>1MHz to 2GHz: 87dB to 100dB

>2GHz to 10GHz: 100dB to 97dB

>10GHz to 18GHz: 97dB to 96dB

>18GHz to 25GHz: 96dB to 93dB

>25GHz to 50GHz: 93dB to 57dB

50GHz to 100GHz: 57dB to 22dB



Out-of-the-box the Active Cell PLANAR Ag EMI Wrap will require 225-250 hours for a complete break-in. 


The idea behind the Active Cell PLANAR Ag EMI Wrap is to turn the entire home into an audiophile non-limiting power conditioner.  The Wrap will alter the sound of every component in your system and every appliance in your home by using a combination of the Third Law of Thermodynamics and Ionization cancellation.  Our design attaches a negative ionic charge to the positive ionic energy field passing through the Wrap.  By regulating the temperature of the ionic field, we are able to produce a one-for-one ionic cancellation throughout the home.  In electrical design, harmonics, radio frequency, and static noise are all combinations of a positive ionization field associated with electromagnetic radiation.  By cancelling the field, we can significantly lower EMR’s effect on each power supply plugged into the home.


Build time approx. 4-6 days.

Active Cell PLANAR Ag EMI Wrap